About Us

Great Pond is a real estate private equity firm that operates in the value-add, opportunistic, distressed, and core-plus spaces. At Great Pond we strongly believe in the tenants of traditional value investing, and as such have applied these principles to our own real estate investment strategy.

We seek value-add opportunities. In the case of a value-add opportunity, we pursue deals in which we can implement solutions to operational issues, re-tenant the property, perform physical improvements or re-engineer the capital structure. In the opportunistic space, we invest in raw land, developments, or specialized property sectors.

In the distressed space, we focus on the acquisition of distressed real estate, or real estate backed assets. Utilizing our unique sourcing capabilities and ability to work with local partners if needed, our team seeks opportunities in which real estate debt can be purchased at a significant discount to its replacement and collateral value by identifying attractively priced mortgage debt investments that are generally senior in the capital structure.

Our investment in the core-plus space focuses on primarily owning and managing single-tenant commercial real estate properties, with medium to long-term leases, to high credit quality tenants. We predominantly source for acquisition directly from developers and owners, as well as from our extensive network of commercial real estate brokers.

Our target acquisitions are priced at twenty million dollars or less. We have the ability to self-develop in each of these spaces. Through our extensive knowledge of real estate development, asset management, finance, capital markets and real estate law we believe we can operate in these spaces and deliver the highest risk adjusted returns given the current macroeconomic climate.